Gold & Silver Buyers

GRC goes all-out to deliver easy solutions to your refining needs; we hedge your gold sales to provide the financial security of knowing what price you can buy gold from the public and make profits.

Working with pawnbrokers we emphasize accuracy yet recognize that time is critical as well. In addition our rates are very fair. We work with every client to ensure that your financial needs are met. Some of the items we refine are:

  • Gold Scrap
  • Gemstone recovery
  • Platinum Scrap
  • Watch batteries
  • Silver
    • Sterling scrap
    • Coin silver
    • All grades of silver refined

At our facility in Hempstead NY, we work personally with professional gold buyers on a daily basis to provide quick payment. Many Long Island based gold buyers and pawnbrokers use our convenient location vs. 47th Street. Our payouts are sufficiently competitive for savings in time and money.

Diamond Recovery

Recovering diamonds and gemstones from your scrap jewelry is time consuming and costly. Frequently you can chip, break or otherwise damage valuable gemstones. GRC offers a 4-hour stone recovery process in which diamonds and gemstones are recovered safely from jewelry and the precious metals are refined.

We recover metals and gemstones from gold, silver and platinum settings.

We pride ourselves on the diamond recovery division’s efficiency and accuracy. We welcome your assignment to have your material undergo this careful process. Read more...

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