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  1. Call us to arrange a pickup or complete our online request form. We primarily use FEDEX or UPS for our courier needs. When calling us, let us know exactly what you are shipping for locking in purposes.
  2. Upon receipt of your package, all materials get logged and weighed. You will receive a phone call as confirmation your package was received.
  3. After assessing the material, we will immediately process your lot. All of the karat scrap is melted the same day as it is received, insuring 24-hour turnaround. All burnables will take approximately four business days to process.
  4. The lot is then reweighed and assigned a final after process weight.
  5. The lot is now ready for the assay process. We have three assayist/chemists who stand at the ready to complete this most intricate and detailed process. Only after a minimum of 3 fire assays are we confident to report these numbers back to you.
  6. We inform you of your numbers. We offer a variety of payment options for you to consider.

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Settlement Options

We understand the financial needs of our clients vary, so with the 24-hour turnaround service we also offer multiple options for settlement.

GRC tailors payments to suit to your needs. Processing and payment and are often done on the same day.

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  • Wire transfer

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