GRC is the absolute best when it comes to turning around my jewelry. As soon as I ship my package, money is wired to my account. I love this service!

—J. Biggins, Mission Viejo, CA

I’ve worked with too many refiners in my career as a jeweler. After working with GRC I never have to shop for another. I’ve found the best.;

—Polara Jewelers, Bellmore, NY

I ship GRC scrap gold three times weekly. My business thrives because GRC is so dependable. Every job is completed and accurately paid out within 24 hours. I’m lucky to work with such professionals.

—David Marcia Jewelry, Springdale, AR

In the area of diamond recovery, GRC is the undisputed leader. My diamonds and gemstones come back exquisite and ready to be sold or reset.

—Ordan Corp., NY

I’ve worked with GRC for over ten years. Their level of service is truly outstanding. I’m lucky to have found them

—Hubert S., European Jewelry, Chicago, IL

As a goldbuyer I need rapid turnaround. It seems as quickly as I call to lock in and arrange a pickup, the payment is already in my account. GRC, keep up the good work.

—James P., Pak’s Jewelry, Milwaukee, WI

On the jewelry business, the most important questions I have is do I trust the guy I’m working with. GRC has earned my trust.

—Bartolo, Bartolo’s Jewelry, Oklahoma City, OK

Diamond recovery can be a tricky, time consuming job. GRC gets my job within hours.

—Joseph, Joseph Anthony Jewelers, Manhasset, NY

When it comes to delivering on promises, GRC leads the pack. My expectations on my returns are always pennies within range. I could never leave such a valuable refiner.

—Jean, Harrison Jewelers, Cotllulla, TX

As a pawnbroker, trust is the only element I consider when choosing refiner. GRC is the most honest group of people I’ve met in my line of work.

—Century Pawn, Asbury Park, NJ

Outstanding service, remarkable payouts. GRC is the only choice you should make when selecting a refiner.

—Larry, Joung’s Jewelry, Englewood, FL

I finally cleaned up my shop after 8 years. I can’t believe how much gold they recovered.

—Mattheus Jewelry, Miami, FL

The customer service and returns I received at General Refining Corp, was the best I have ever experienced. I would happily encourage other Jewelers to utilize their services.

—JJR, Houston TX

Your level of service, attention to detail and generous returns was outstanding. Thank you GRC.

—KT, My Jeweler, Atlanta GA

I usually need to sell my gold in rapid fashion. GRC always pays me within 24 hours. You guys are the best!

—LTJ, Bellmore, NY

Thanks for the excellent service regarding the gold and silver I recently sent you.

—K.R., Brunswick, GA

From the first time I spoke with General Refining, they were courteous, professional, and made me feel at ease trusting them to get the job done. The timeframe was shorter than I thought it would be.

—Jewelry Box, Bricktown, NJ

GRC gave us the highest payouts of all the refiners we’ve tried. They were fast, convenient and reimbursed all our shipping costs. Thanks GRC!


—ANC, Nome, AK

What a positive difference switching to GRC has made. My returns have never been better.

—Danny, D C & D Jewelry, Torrance, CA

When it comes to fast and careful Stone Removal, GRC leads the way. My diamonds were returned clean and immediately ready for setting.

—American O Jewelry, New York, NY

I was in a financial bind. I needed to liquidate much of my inventory to increase my cash flow. GRC promised they could deliver the job in 24 hours and they did not disappoint.

—JP, Worcester, MA

I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and have always dreaded doing our annual clean up. Since we started using GRC I can’t wait to send my refining off. I’m amazed that a refiner could be this good.

—CC, Huntsville, AL


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