My name is John Garcia, co-owner of Garcia and Company Jewelers in Cortez, Colorado. We are a family owned local jewelry business. We have been doing business with GRC going on 6 years now. We don’t do a high volume but we are consistent with our shipments. Mainly scrap gold. And that’s how GRC has been with us. Consistent. They seem to be on top of their game where the market is concerned and their payout is the best. Overall, great customer service, fast turn around, and a friendly staff. Highly recommended. Thanks GRC.

—John Garcia, Garcia and Company Jewelers

We have been in business for 25 years and we trust GRC to give us top dollar for all our scrap refining and for the jewelers’ sweeps and polishings.  The staff are always professional and friendly and we know we will receive our check promptly.

—Regal Jewelers Inc., Waynesboro, VA

I’ve been working with GRC for almost 2 years now. They took me on as a new client when I started my own jewelry store. They were there for me to get my business off the ground and I’ve stayed with them ever since. The fees are very reasonable and the customer service is great! They confirm receipt of your order, process quickly and call again when it’s done. They also offer multiple options for payout.

—Jason Keeler, Whitewater Diamonds

I really love the feeling of my dealings with you being very professional and at the same time very personal. I’m treated with friendly and professional people every step of the way.

—Gov, Governor’s Antiques

Our company has tried several refineries through the years and I must say that GRC Refining paid us the most for our metals and by far has the best customer service. I wish we would have discovered GRC years ago!

—Ryan Curry, Ellis Jewlers

I have had a working relationship with GRC for the last six years. After trying multiple refineries I am happy to say I have finally found an honest refinery that puts its customers best interest first. It is a huge peace of mind to be able to focus on the other aspects of running my business without the added fear of the refinery I deal with. I would like to personally thank Theresa for always being there to help my business. I wouldn’t be where I am without you and GRC! You have a loyal customer for life!! 5 stars!!!

—Ryan Chaney, Owner of Chaney’s Gold & Silver

1. Very fast turnaround times.

2. Very reasonable fee’s charged. And very fair payout percentage.

3. Customer service, someone always available to speak with.

4. We actually prefer to use local San Jose vendors. However in this case, local vendor cannot even come close to matching #’s 1-3 above. Especially #1, turnaround time is very important to us. Was very hesitant to ship out of state, but very happy that I did. Have full trust in GRC handling our recoveries and would highly recommend them to perform these services to anyone.

—Robert Spoor, Precision Parts Cleaning Inc.

I have been working with General Refining Corp for 12 years and they have always been a joy to work with. Not only are they honest and efficient with their jobs they are also friendly and prompt to assist with any questions. What I like most about them is their quick processing time. They either send a check or residual gold to me right away. I highly recommend them to anyone who works in the Jewelry Industry.

—Hubert Sawacsiuk, Owner of European Design & Manufacturing, Chicago, IL